Spring Has Sprung…At Least Indoors….

Spring Has Sprung…At Least Indoors….

We were pretty near desperate for blooms. Thankfully, orchids bloom at this time, just before those huge snow piles relinquish their chilly hold on the streets and their awful support of our winter claustrophobia! Take a minute to check out what blooms in your life right now. Grab a friend, a kid, a puppy, and spend some time renewing and reviewing what’s bloomin’ wonderful!

One bloom at a time…

One bloom at a time...

Sometimes you must change your view, take a walk, tilt your camera, go inward, or just drive to the Botanic Gardens and snap out of our “Arctic Antics 2013-2014”. Orchids! That’s it! They have gathered in tiny dioramas to welcome Spring. If not outdoors yet, then inner friendly forests await this month. What did you snap, and what did you snap out of this month?

January is Salad Season

January is Salad Season

Everything but the kitchen sink…Ah, yes, the December wines and chocolates and cookies and indulgences have added up, and it is time to face the salads. Make them just as beautiful, just as colorful, just as artistic as those pastries, and you’ll never miss the sugars…well, almost never.