Welcome!  With my eyes wide shut, my feet on the ground, and nerves of marshmallow, I announce Startup Day!
I have great hopes of sharing the “pearls and knots” of our lives with friends and family and fellow writers.

I’ve taken a lifetime to treasure the craft of writing – the writing of others.  When the bell went off in my brain two years ago, I finally heard it, and created a frame for the time to write, the time to read more books than ever, attend workshops weekly, and study this craft intensely. As you join my journey, think of ways you can quiet those daily sounds that prevent you from your passions, whatever they may be, and not feel guilty about stealing the time you need to follow your trail.

Be forewarned – I am big on smiles and searching for meaning, really big on 3 dots – to end a sentence, to let you know you can finish it better than I, or that I am not done thinking – just use them like a bright yellow bus to your own thoughts…

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