The Winter of Our Discontent…


Winston takes the high road, in Max's backpack!

Winston: Guess I’ll take the high road, in Max’s backpack!

Winston:  "Where did all the grass go?"

Winston: “Where did all the grass go?”

Some apocalypses are sudden, some drag on and on – which brings us to the 2013-2014 winter. I think we all deserve an Olympic medal for our Midwestern Mettle! This has been a challenge for our stamina, sanity, and senses. In my previous decades, taking a picture of a high snowdrift was an awesome event. Parking lot twelve-footers no longer make me blink, much less pull out the phone camera. The unique has become common, relegated to a dull ongoing toothache – it’s always there, and no amount of Tylenol makes it disappear. Weather reports show the low 50’s in 12 days, which will be a 60+ degree improvement from last night’s low. That sums up the struggle of the hardy Midwesterner – ya never know what’s gonna be on your plate, ya just know it will be quite different from yesterday’s,,,

Keep the faith, good times are just around the river bend! Keep humming that tune, take a blowtorch to your remaining snowpiles, a mop to your cobwebs, and Spring will surface again with its hope and promise of renewal, and that delightful smell of earth and flowers – definitely an improvement over the crunch of your tire as you hit the 5th car-swallowing pothole on your way to work!