Morning Exercise….

Welcome, reader, it’s a magical time…not Disney magic, but tech magic – the technology that takes our spidery contact lines to a new level.  We can reach out to each other, not just to people we know, but to those who might have similar interests to share, yet be nameless at present.  That’s magic, yes it is.  We all have thoughts that need to be a bit more than tweet-length or Facebook-friendly to help us to discuss, to grow, to challenge our paradigms, and best of all – to enjoy.

In my blog, I expect to write and extend my understanding of the writing process, life lessons, granny lessons, formal and lifelong learning, and to encourage you to rescue a few memory tidbits from your lives – to put them down on paper or computer, and cherish them for the joy and understanding they give to us.  The topics and flow will come as we communicate. When your energy partners with that of others, there are so many benefits.

So, this will be Our Blog, not my blog.  I must warn you in advance, though…in my life, the elephant in the room has always been Humor.  I have relied on it, laughed on it, played silly with it, inhaled it like a drug, and used it to steady my nerves, when life seemed overwhelming.  So, expect me to see the humor.  It is my lifeline.  

Here I am doing my morning exercise…one-two-one-two….breathe!