I Should Live So Long by Dale Tushman

I Should Live So Long by Dale Tushman

I ran across Dale Tushman’s writing today, (via the email newsletter: postcardpoemsandprose.wordpress.com) see link, below.

She provides a delightful coming-of-a-certain-age romp through a life of pearls and knots, lived with such fine wit. Enjoy!

You may read Dale’s story and bio here:




Yes Dear…

All stories start somewhere. Sometimes two little words can light a word fire. My grandson and I were parking last week when we noticed this very clever license plate. We had great fun thinking up stories to which this was the ‘answer’ statement. Let’s switch the blog around today – YOU provide this blog post, responding with your suggestions, providing:

1. Who is saying “Yes, Dear”?

2. What question was he or she answering “Yes” to?

3. Age of the “speaker” and why?

4. Create a story. Make it funny.



Of Cabbages and ___________________


Of course, most of us can finish that line, with the word Kings, from a couple of literary sources, including Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, and a quote from Shakespeare’s  “Richard II”.  Why has it stuck with us? The alliteration?  The absurdity of the disparity between one’s station in life and another’s?  Who knows? But as these green leaves unfold to cradle the head of a quite versatile and nutritious vegetable – though it be green – appreciation of the source of life and the artistic designs in nature’s bounty come to mind as quickly as the rhyme of Carroll. And, it certainly was a more understandable line than Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” where “Twas brillig, and the slithy toves” might put off today’s child before he’d dare to gambol in those rolling tongue syllables. Take a chance, spin a tale of opposites, of sensual nonsense, of language only you can translate…And dare to talk of green!

Spring Has Sprung…At Least Indoors….

Spring Has Sprung…At Least Indoors….

We were pretty near desperate for blooms. Thankfully, orchids bloom at this time, just before those huge snow piles relinquish their chilly hold on the streets and their awful support of our winter claustrophobia! Take a minute to check out what blooms in your life right now. Grab a friend, a kid, a puppy, and spend some time renewing and reviewing what’s bloomin’ wonderful!

One bloom at a time…

One bloom at a time...

Sometimes you must change your view, take a walk, tilt your camera, go inward, or just drive to the Botanic Gardens and snap out of our “Arctic Antics 2013-2014”. Orchids! That’s it! They have gathered in tiny dioramas to welcome Spring. If not outdoors yet, then inner friendly forests await this month. What did you snap, and what did you snap out of this month?

The Winter of Our Discontent…


Winston takes the high road, in Max's backpack!

Winston: Guess I’ll take the high road, in Max’s backpack!

Winston:  "Where did all the grass go?"

Winston: “Where did all the grass go?”

Some apocalypses are sudden, some drag on and on – which brings us to the 2013-2014 winter. I think we all deserve an Olympic medal for our Midwestern Mettle! This has been a challenge for our stamina, sanity, and senses. In my previous decades, taking a picture of a high snowdrift was an awesome event. Parking lot twelve-footers no longer make me blink, much less pull out the phone camera. The unique has become common, relegated to a dull ongoing toothache – it’s always there, and no amount of Tylenol makes it disappear. Weather reports show the low 50’s in 12 days, which will be a 60+ degree improvement from last night’s low. That sums up the struggle of the hardy Midwesterner – ya never know what’s gonna be on your plate, ya just know it will be quite different from yesterday’s,,,

Keep the faith, good times are just around the river bend! Keep humming that tune, take a blowtorch to your remaining snowpiles, a mop to your cobwebs, and Spring will surface again with its hope and promise of renewal, and that delightful smell of earth and flowers – definitely an improvement over the crunch of your tire as you hit the 5th car-swallowing pothole on your way to work!

January is Salad Season

January is Salad Season

Everything but the kitchen sink…Ah, yes, the December wines and chocolates and cookies and indulgences have added up, and it is time to face the salads. Make them just as beautiful, just as colorful, just as artistic as those pastries, and you’ll never miss the sugars…well, almost never.

Just One Word

Just One Word

Listen to your muse.  Let it lead your guesses.  Let it guide your decisions.  Just be quiet for a minute, and hear that one word, that one thought, that one question that needs an answer.  Don’t feel you need the total solution to all today’s problems.  Maybe just checking the many new questions that have opened with that one.  What’s your word for today?  coasting?  drifting?  anchored?                                                              P1000083

Morning Exercise….

Welcome, reader, it’s a magical time…not Disney magic, but tech magic – the technology that takes our spidery contact lines to a new level.  We can reach out to each other, not just to people we know, but to those who might have similar interests to share, yet be nameless at present.  That’s magic, yes it is.  We all have thoughts that need to be a bit more than tweet-length or Facebook-friendly to help us to discuss, to grow, to challenge our paradigms, and best of all – to enjoy.

In my blog, I expect to write and extend my understanding of the writing process, life lessons, granny lessons, formal and lifelong learning, and to encourage you to rescue a few memory tidbits from your lives – to put them down on paper or computer, and cherish them for the joy and understanding they give to us.  The topics and flow will come as we communicate. When your energy partners with that of others, there are so many benefits.

So, this will be Our Blog, not my blog.  I must warn you in advance, though…in my life, the elephant in the room has always been Humor.  I have relied on it, laughed on it, played silly with it, inhaled it like a drug, and used it to steady my nerves, when life seemed overwhelming.  So, expect me to see the humor.  It is my lifeline.  

Here I am doing my morning exercise…one-two-one-two….breathe!